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Supercharge your learning

Discover just what all your listening, watching, and reading could amount to. Add notes to your podcasts, videos, or articles. Harness your inspiration – and let our active intelligence platform deepen your learning. Your future potential awaits.

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Connect your ideas

Liberate your notes and thoughts from the confines of notebooks, and folders. Let them connect and stimulate fresh ideas, and new patterns of insight, to reveal what was previously hidden.

Upgrade your memory

Sparks helps you tackle that mountain of knowledge, so you don’t have to strain to remember. With our help, you’ll more easily form new neural pathways, alter existing connections, and adapt as you grow your intelligence.

Capture in all contexts

Why limit yourself? With Sparks, you can capture notes wherever inspiration hits. From podcasts, and videos, to articles and more. With this power at your fingertips, there’s no telling where your instinct and curiosity will take you. 

Organise organically

Escape the old way of tags and folders, and unleash your knowledge from its glorified filing cabinet. We organise things organically so you can easily see trends and patterns in your thinking – or even new routes to explore.

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Unlock what’s possible – with Sparks. The active intelligence platform that puts your learning through its paces.

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